"The more I see of MathAmigo and its contents the more I like it."

Roz Auerbach
Math Consultant and ex Middle School Teacher
New Jersey

"Our students enjoy MathAmigo because it feels like a game. The teachers are especially pleased with how easily MathAmigo allows for differentiation. The instant marking and assessment help focus on problem areas which equals better test scores".

Dr Mike Doyle
Program manager for mathematics, science and technology
New York


"MathAmigo helps the kinaesthetic learners to bridge their knowledge together. Even the slowest learners felt gratification with the "well done" messages…all students were excited and couldn't wait to use MathAmigo again."

Theresa Karnboye
Grant White Elementary School
New Jersey

"I love the way MathAmigo develops mental math very quickly...students learned quickly because they instantly knew if they were right or wrong."

Dolores Burdick
Eugene Field Elementary School